Bok - A Definitive Guide to Alpaca Fibre

Bok - A Definitive Guide to Alpaca Fibre

Cameron Holt is a well-known leader in the alpaca education community who has been studying and researching alpaca fiber for decades in Australia and around the globe. Now, the culmination of his life’s work is available to everyone with Cameron Holt’s A Definitive Guide to Alpaca Fibre!

Learn about the characteristics of alpaca fibre through scientific information – each chapter is rich in quantitative charts and graphs that facilitate understanding.

Discover how this remarkable natural fibre is manufactured and processed for garments through real world examples and photos.

Related topics include tips for breeders on value-added products and interesting facts about camelids. Timelines help you see the big picture in terms of alpacas, their presence in various countries and the state of the industry now.

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